Luxury Selling Experts Lab

Brand Power - lecture at GoldSmiths - London University of London

Brands managed to create value with promises of Self-Affirmation (exclusivity), Pleasure (quality), and finally, even identity. Customers are eager, especially Chinese customers, once upon a time, free to consume, to enjoy life, to showcase success.
But Brands shall not see as creating distance (have the right proximity instead), taking advantage (especially from the planet), and face the danger of selfishness. How Luxury brands can be exclusive and at the same be integrated?
Some new brands answered. Partially but strongly. Stella McCartney answered already 20 years ago, refusing leather and preferring vegetal. Would Maison Courbet answered also with laboratory diamonds and re-use gold? All Tigers certainly is responding in beauty, with vegan lipsticks. 

I mention the Crown: it's not only a Kingdom ruling family but probably a very advanced and delicate branding. Everything is about balance. How to achieve? - to continue.