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Review from Luxury Selling Reader Raj Bandyopadhyay

[Why don't we sell to ALL of our customers as if they're luxury customers?]

I’ve been fascinated by this book on Luxury Selling over the last week. 

The book by Francis Srun breaks down in depth the psychology of luxury consumers and how selling to them works. 

A luxury consumer isn’t necessarily just someone who’s affluent. They might be someone that saved up money for something they've dreamed about: a stay in a fancy hotel, or a high-end car. 

The book dives deep into desires, motivations and fears of luxury consumers and presents a unique sales process that I’m excited to adapt to my own work. 

However, what struck me the most was not the sales process or the psychology, but the behavior and attitude that the book emphasizes. For example:

* Persuade, not convince. Persuasion is about guiding a customer to make their own decision, while convincing is about imposing our view on them. Be a trusted friend, not a used-car salesman. Know when to nudge and when to step back.

* Build relationships through generosity. Go above and beyond selling something and help the customer out. For example, if a client is new to town, ask them if they want recommendations.

* Provide personalized attention and follow-ups. Take time to understand the things and people they value in their life and pay attention to those. 

The general idea of this book is to treat luxury consumers with kindness, grace, elegance, courtesy and respect. 

And that makes me wonder: WHY isn’t ALL selling like this?

Why do people get to deserve respect, kindness and generosity ONLY when they’re ready to drop a ton of money on something?

I’ve been quite frustrated by all the sales books and courses and resources I’ve read over the years. The idea of treating customers as objects to be manipulated, cajoled and bullied into buying things has never resonated with me. The idea that there are certain ‘sales tricks’ that work on everyone rings hollow.

It’s refreshing to see a different take on sales, one that acknowledges and treats customers as human. I wish it could go far beyond just luxury items though.